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The Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Planning process is a collaborative, stakeholder-driven effort to manage all aspects of water resources in the region, and will set a vision for the next 10-plus years of water management in the High Desert.

The first IRWM Plan was adopted in 2004 and yielded huge dividends for Mojave Water Agency and its constituents
Thanks to the IRWM Plan, over the last 10 years $170 million in local, state, and federal dollars have been invested in High Desert water infrastructure and water supplies.  This included the construction of pipelines and groundwater recharge sites, investment in new water supplies, development of an aggressive water conservation program, and removal of invasive species in the Mojave River. To see a complete list of projects, click here.

An update to the IRWM Plan was completed in 2014
The IRWM Planning process is a cycle that starts with identifying the community's water needs and finishes with financing and implementing projects.  The graphic illustrates the process we have gone through with stakeholders and members of the public to achieve the best outcome for our community. This IRWM Plan updates and expands upon the 2004 Plan, documents progress towards meeting Plan goals, identifies current regional water resource management needs and issues, and evaluates strategies for addressing the Region's challenges.

IRWM Planning was established by State law in 2002
The legislature expanded the requirements for IRWM Plans in 2008.

Mojave IRWM Planning Cycle
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