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Mojave IRWM Plan Boundaries

Water Purveyor Guide

Water purveyors within the Mojave area

Mojave IRWM
Plan Disadvantaged Communities

Map revised April 2015 to reflect the US Census American Community Survey 5-Year Data, 2009-2013


A Disadvantaged Community is defined by the State as a community with a median household income of 80% (or less) of the California median household  income. The map provided above shows Disadvantaged Communities based on U.S. Census American Community Survey 5-Year Data 2009-2013, for three different types of boundaries (geographies) - Census Block Groups, Census Tracts, and Census Designated Places. Census Block Groups are the smallest geographical unit for which income data are available and consists of ~2,000 people. Census Tracts are a geographic region that consists of several Block Groups and contains ~ 6,000 people. Census Designated  Places are a concentration of population that may be an incorporated city or town or unincorporated community.

Geospatial Disclaimer:  These maps and data sets are made available as an information resource  for the public.  Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the maps and other information contained on this website.  However, these maps and other information are only as accurate as the source of such maps and other information.   Further, the maps and other information on this website are updated periodically and therefore may not reflect the most current information.

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