Objectives - Mojave IRWM Plan

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These objectives represent the intent of the IRWM Plan, and have measurable outcomes that will be used to evaluate the successfulness of implementation
of the Plan.  They were developed using the “SMART” criteria, each objective should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.
1Balance future water demandsBalance average annual future water demands with available future supplies to ensure sustainability throughout the Region between now and the 2035 planning horizon and beyond.HighHigh
2Improving regional water use efficiencyContinue improving regional water use efficiency by implementing a portfolio of conservation actions that are regionally cost-effective.
3Maintain stability in overdrafted groundwater basinsMaintain stability in previously overdrafted groundwater basins and reduce overdraft in groundwater basins experiencing ongoing water table declines.
4Reduce reliance on DeltaAddress the State policy goal of reducing reliance on the Delta by meeting water demands with alternative sources of supply during times when (SWP) supplies are reduced or unavailable due to droughts, outages, environmental and regulatory restrictions, or other reasons.
5Optimize Region’s water- related assets
Optimize the use of the Region’s water-related assets to maximize available supplies to meet projected demands while mitigating against risks.  Water-related assets to be optimized include financial resources, groundwater storage programs, available imported water supplies, transfer and exchange opportunities, available physical infrastructure, and management policies.
6Prevent land subsidence
Prevent land subsidence throughout the Region.
7Support to DACs
Provide support and assistance to disadvantaged communities and help facilitate projects and programs that benefit those communities.
8Improve environmental stewardship
Improve environmental stewardship related to waterways and water management in the Region.
9Improve floodplain management
Improve floodplain management throughout the Plan area.
10Preserve water quality
Preserve water quality as it relates to local beneficial uses of water supplied by each source, including groundwater, stormwater, surface water, imported water, and recycled water.
11Obtain financial assistance
Obtain financial assistance from outside sources to help implement this Plan across a range of project sizes during the planning horizon.
12Improve public awareness
Improve public awareness of water supply, conservation, water quality, and environmental stewardship challenges and opportunities throughout the planning horizon.
High Medium
13Establish reliable funding sources
Identify and establish reliable funding sources to maintain, modernize and improve water infrastructure to ensure a high quality, resilient and reliable water supply.
14Increase use of recycled water
Increase the use of recycled water in the Region while maintaining compliance with the Mojave Basin Area Judgment as applicable.
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