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Project Submittals


Project submittals can be reviewed by downloading the zipped files listed below.


"R"    -  Revised after the initial submission

1000 -  1st Call for Projects August 2013

2000 -  2nd Call for Projects December 2015 and SEP Projects

3000 -  3rd Call for Projects December 2017

1 Agricultural Water Conservation Program

66 State Water Project WTP in conj with R3 Project

106 Sheep Creek SWP Recharge Basin

2 Allocation of Water - Vandletter citizen project

67 Stipulated Pistachio Orchards

107 Bandicoot Basin

3 Ames Reche Groundwater Storage and Recovery

68 Storm Water Retention and Percolation in Hondo Wash

108 Oak Hills Basin

4 Antelope Valley Wash Detention Recharge Ponds

69 SCADA System for Operations and Security

109 Ranchero Basin

5 Aquaponics Demonstration Gardens

70 Supplemental Water

110 Tussing-Juniper Basin

6 Arsenic and Metering Project

71 Baja Sustainability Initiative

111 Donnell Basin

7 Assistance Program for Small Drinking Water Systems

72 29 Palms Fluoride Treatment Plant Expansion

112 Seneca-Bus Barn Basin

8 Baja Major Storm Diversion Network

73 29 Palms Groundwater Protection Plan SSME

113 Mesa Linda Basin

9 Baja Storm Water Diversion and Retention

74 Water Infrastructure Restoration Program

114 Amethyst Basin

10 Baja Subarea BAP Acquisition Program

75 Water Retention in the Lower Basin

115 Land and Water Rights Acquisition

11 Baja Water Budget

76 Water Transfers

116 Barstow Area Perchlorate-Nitrate

12 Cadiz Valley Water Conservation Recovery and Storage

77 Water Treatment Plant

117 SBCo Water Supply & Water Quality

13 Camp Cady Tamarisk Removal and Riparian Restoration

78 Water University

118 Barstow CC

14 Cedar Street Detention Recharge Basin

79 Watershed Educational Awareness Project

119 Direct Delivery SWP Water to NRG Energy

15 CWC Wells Infrastructure and Storage

80 Wellhead Treatment_Uranium

120 Infrastructure Emergency Preparedness and Storage

16 Channel Dredging and Vegetation Removal

81 Wells Declining Water Levels

121 Rehabilitate pre-1960 pipelines

17 City of Victorville VSD 4 Sewer Lift Station

82 Wrightwood Imported Water

122 LACSD Wastewater Outfall

18 CII Cash for Grass Program

83 Yermo CSD Upgrade Water Comp

123 Demonstration Garden Conceptual Projects

19 Conceptual Planning for Hinkley's Community Drinking Water

84 Yermo Hellbro

124 GSWC_Interconnect North and South Water Sys

20 Continual Rampdowns in the Baja Subbasin

85 Yermo Marine Two

125 Gage Tributary Washes

21 Dairy Nitrate Reduction

86 HDWD Alta Loma Reservoir

126 Helendale Community Park and Demo Garden

22 Deep Creek Off-River Recharge

94 Adelanto Fluoride-Arsenic Treatment

127 Water Well No 10

23 Desert Demonstration Garden

95 Adelanto Pearmain Sewer Relief

128 TZ WQ Study

24 Desert Wash Protection_Watershed Enhancement

96 Adelanto R3 Connection

129 HDWD Well Abandonment

25 Direct Delivery of SWP to Ag Users BSI 1

97 Adelanto Reclaimed Water Infrastructure

130 RSWD Sewer LS Nos 1&3 Improvements

26 Domestic Water Well System Assistance Program

98 Adelanto Sewer Lift Station Muskrat & De Soto

1001 Victorville Sewer Lift Station or RO Plant (former 17, 61)

27 Dry Well Installation Program

99 JBWD CUWCC Compliance Project

1002 Modifications to the Judgment (former 2,11,20,46,67,76,104)

28 Fair Taxation of Water Rights

100 Thunderbird CWD Fluoride-Nitrate Plant

1003 Assistance to Small Systems

29 Forks Dam Storage Water Detention

3R Ames Reche Expansion

1004 Baja Sustainability Initiative

30 Groundwater Education Program

4 & 14 R Hesperia Antelope Wash and Cedar Creek Flood

1005 High Desert Regional Demonstration Gardens

31 Helendale CSD_WWTP Effluent Distribution System

11R Baja Water Budget

1006 Capital Water Main Replacement Program

32 Helendale CSD Tertiary Treatment Upgrade

13R Camp Cady

1007 Baja Sustainability Initiative #2 - Major Storm Diversion

33 High Desert Demonstration Gardens

18R CII Cash for Grass Program

1008  R Cubed Enhanced Purveyor Supply System

34 Hydroelectric Facility at Deep Creek

20R Eliminate Carryover Rights

35 Indian Cove stormwater Capture and Recharge

24R Desert Wash Protection - Watershed Enhancement

1009 Baja Sustainability Initiative #3 - Oro Grande Channel Dredging

36 Infrastructure Improvement Projects

36R Infrastructure Improvements Projects

1010 JBWD CUWCC Compliance Projects

37 Interconnection with Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

38R JBWD Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

1011 Antelope Wash

38 JBWD Central WWTP

40R JBWD Graywater & Rainwater Harvesting Project

1012 Cedar Street

39 JBWD CUWCC Compliance Project-Leak Detection

41R JBWD Stormwater Recovery Project

1013 Baja Sustainability Initiative #4 - Well Assistance

40 JBWD Graywater and Rainwater Harvesting

42R Johnson Valley Pressurized Water System

1014 Water University

41 JBWD Stormwater Recovery Project

45R AV Heights CWD Project

1015 SB County Flood

42 Johnson Valley Pressurized System

46R Mojave River Basin Judgment

2001 Annual USGS Program

43 Kane Wash Spreading Basins

48R Mojave River Dam-Deep Creek Spillway Wetlands restoration

2002 Chromium VI Assistance Program

44 Lucerne Valley Small Water Systems Feasibility Study

55R Pipeline

2003 Regional WQ Collection Project

45 AV Heights CWD Project

56R Alto Subarea Aquifer Storage and Restoration

2004 Septic System Connection to Sewer Grant Program

46 Mojave Water Basin Judgment

60R Reorganization of Small Water Systems BDV and W-1

2005 Barstow Recycled Water Plan

47 Mojave River Baja Subarea FC Basin Storage

62R Water Conservation Ordinance

3001 Joshua Basin Water District Tillford Pipeline

48 Mojave River Dam-Deep Creek Spillway

66R R3 Water Treatment Plant

3002 Joshua Basin Water District Meter Replacement

49 Victorville Riverwalk Project

67R Pistachio Orchards

3003 29 Palms Installation of Groundwater Well 11B

50 Morongo Basin Cooperative Projects

67R Pistachio Orchards

3004 29 Palms Well for Fluoride Treatment Plant

51 Multi-Jurisdictional Technology Integration Project

68R Hondo Wash Retention and Percolation

3005 29 Palms Smart Meter Upgrade Project

52 New Well_Kiowa Well No. 1

70R Supplemental Water

3006 29 Palms "SMART" Plan

53 Oro Grande Region Flood Control

74R Pipeline Improvements

3007 29 Palms Salt/Nutrient & Groundwater Monitoring

54 Oro Grande Wash Groundwater Recharge Project

76R Water Transfers

55 Pipeline

78R Water University

56 R3 ASR

81R Wells Declining Water Levels

57 Hesperia RW Distribution System

92R HDWD Wastewater Reclamation Project

58 MWA Regional Aquifer Recharge

93R VVWRA RW Treatment plants

3012 Goat Mountain Production Well Replacement

59 Regional Flood ControlFlood Management Plan

94R Adelanto Fluoride-Arsenic Treatment

3013 Wastewater Treatment System Feasibility

60 Reorganization between two adjacent small water agencies

98R Sewer Lift Station Muskrat and De Soto

3014 Barstow Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II

61 Reverse Osmosis Package Treatment Plant

101 Cushenbury Flood Detention Basin

62 San Bernardino County and MWA water conservation unity

102 Lucerne Wastewater Treatment Plant

3016 Mountain View Memorial Park

63 PPHCSD Stormwater Retention

103 Lucerne Valley Recharge Ponds

64 Silver Lakes Association Stormwater Debris Retention Basin

104 Baja Subarea Rampdown Equity

65 MWA SWP Utilization

105 Wrightwood Sewer Plan

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